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We are a construction company specializing in taking on large maintenance and renovation projects, where we focus on making both homes and office buildings more sustainable.



bouwwerkzaamheden draagmuur

Realizing new construction and implement constructive changes according to your plans

Interieur schilderwerk

Carrying out all interior renovation and finishing of residential and office buildings

Verduurzamen van een berging

Carrying out long-term maintenance to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings



We specialize in taking on total renovation and maintenance projects with multiple assignments so that you have one-stop-shop



Each project phase is supervised and approved by an experienced construction consultant who ultimately confirms the top quality of the work



All our projects are comprehensively covered by business liability and Construction All-Risk (CAR) insurance





My story begins in 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I, Ben Engelsman, ran a property management company. As part of my position I supervised maintenance and construction projects.


When I moved to the Netherlands in 2019 without knowledge of the Dutch market, I started taking on odd jobs and small maintenance work and learned the market from the ground up. Soon the volume of work and the size of the projects increased.

Nowadays, Diagonal Renovations B.V., with extensive experience and supported by top professionals, carries out total renovation and major maintenance projects.

​The company's CAN-DO approach enables the company to tackle complex projects while maintaining high-quality and sustainable work.


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Work method

Step 1: Application

Step 4: Execution

Have you started planning a renovation? Then we would like to receive your request with the work list.

Step 2: On-site viewing

We get to work on the agreed date and have all materials and elements delivered to the location as planned. Our building inspector continuously carries out quality checks during the work, so that any problems are detected at an early stage. Any remaining points will be noted and resolved within a short time.

We will contact you quickly to schedule a viewing of the home and discuss your wishes and situation. If necessary and desirable, we will connect you to an architect who can help you with planning and permits.

Step 3: Quotation

Once we have all the information, including drawings and permit requirements (if necessary), we will prepare the final quote, project schedule and payment terms so you know what to expect.

Step 5: Aftercare

Upon project delivery, all parties must go through line by line to ensure that all promised tasks are completed. Diagonal Renovations B.V. remains involved even after the project. Sometimes in practice we encounter aspects that require improvement and require extensive aftercare.



Laan van Kronenburg 14,

1183 AS Amstelveen

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