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Net als de grote bouwbedrijven worden de projecten, naast professionele bouwers, begeleid door projectmanagers en bouwadviseurs die continu toezicht houden op de bouwwerkzaamheden, de voortgang en de kwaliteit, zo garanderen wij onze opdrachtgevers de hoogste kwaliteit in de markt.
Daarom bieden wij vol vertrouwen 5 tot 10 jaar garantie.


Aansprakelijkheid voor tekortkomingen

Naast onze verantwoordelijkheid om uitstekend werk af te leveren, vallen onze werkzaamheden ook onder de Bedrijfsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering en de Construction All-Risk-verzekering.

Construction Inspectors

De projectfasen worden begeleid en goedgekeurd door een ervaren bouwadviseur die uiteindelijk de topkwaliteit van het werk bevestigt

All under 1-roof

Met vakmensen uit alle bouwsectoren en een uitgebreid netwerk van experts bieden we onze klanten een one-stop-shop voor hun renovatieprojecten

Total Renovation

Improving the house’s sustainability, redesigning the house interior from every aspect of rebuilding, preserving and up to the finish work.

In the page: plaster, paint, electricity, pipework, floor, bathrooms, ventilation, bearing walls, insulation etc.

Home Extension

Sustainable construction work to increase the house’s surface and its structural form.

In the page: dakkapel, dakopbouw, aanbouw, uitbouw, nieuwbouw, serre, etc.

How much a renovation or home extension cost?

Prices can strongly vary based on two main factors – the craftsman’s price and the quality of the materials. From a long-term perspective - cheap is expensive because repairing or redoing the work may be more expensive than doing it once and properly. That is why we use only quality materials and top professionals who, from experience, advise you not only what to do but also what not to do.

For example, while insulating external walls or ceilings, there’s a rather wide range of prices when it comes to the degree of insulation. There’s a big difference between the insulating material costs with 3,5 RD-value and 6,0 RD-value. Obviously, the higher value, the more expensive it’d cost.

Another example is using cheap paint for the walls to lower paintwork prices. However, eventually, you’ll see the lower quality and wonder whether the small difference in price was worth it.

The last example is the choice of materials that are not necessarily quality-related but more design. The prices of aluminum window frames can be 50-75% higher than wooden frames. Considering the type of materials directly affects the prices.

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How do I get a quote for your renovation or home extension?

Just fill out the form below with as much information as you can provide, adding photos and links. The more information the more accurate the price will be. We reply with a target price or contact you for more information as soon as possible.

Our Projects.

What can you expect from the process?


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We are ready to start your project

Diagonal Renovations offers a flexible architectural and interior design services,
offering a tailored approach to complement your vision for your home improvement project.

We are happy to make a cost estimate without any obligation


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1183 AS Amstelveen


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